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How to make the perfect cup of tea
In 5 easy steps

Making a pot of tea is a ceremony that goes back thousands of years. In many countries it is a ritual with elaborate traditions. We hope you’ll embrace your own ceremony to enjoy a drink that brings both wellbeing and health.


Fill the kettle with fresh cold water from the tap

Don’t use the water already in the kettle as it will have lost its oxygen and the tea will be flat and lacking in flavour


Warm the teapot as the water comes to the boil

Use any teapot and a strainer.

If the pot is warmed then the leaves are warmed before the water is added and they are not ‘shocked’!


The tea...

Add your favourite Trumpers loose leaf tea to the pot – one teaspoon for each person and one for the pot!


Add water just below boiling point to the pot and leave to brew for at least 3 mins.

Amino acids that provide the flavour to the pot dissolve at lower temperatures to tannin and so if the water is too hot then the tea will always taste astringent.

Cup of tea and strainer


Time to pour...

Add milk to your favourite cup and pour the tea into your cup through a strainer and enjoy!

Add your milk first because if you are using china, it instantly cools the tea from the pot and stops the cup from cracking.

What to do with your used loose leaf tea

Rinse out the teapot and use the leaves for compost…or for reading your fortune!

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