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Our ambition is to get everyone drinking great tasting, loose leaf tea without any fuss and bother!

We fully appreciate that everyone is different and diverse as your own customers but we belief that we have the solution to help you serve and sell the best cup of tea each and every time.

We are lucky enough to have grown and built our business on personal relationships and no customer is too small or big to work alongside. Whether you are a small retailer or a grand hotel, we can help you sell and serve the best cup of tea in the area helping to get us back to our roots as a nation of tea drinkers!

Customer service is key to our success and we ensure that we are always ready to listen and adapt to your ever changing business needs so that we can continue to work and grow together.

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Over the years we have worked on providing advice on tea menus to ensure a perfect mix of teas for each business. Menus can be written with tasting notes and your teams can have great fun running through a training where they will learn more about the products on the menu and get to taste the teas for themselves – time well spent as after all they are the link between the product and the customer!

Creating a blend for your business is great fun and in consultation with Claire you can help influence the design of a blend to suit your style and character. Having worked as a trained taster, Claire will be able to advice on the complexity of the combinations used and the simplicity of the large, loose leaf teas that are on offer. This is a unique experience for your business is one not to be missed, so please get in touch!

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We have a large range of blends in different packaging ranges with something for everyone’s palate whether it be black, green, speciality or herbal.

We can provide interesting and engaging ‘Point of Sale’ material to help your sales and support your business through in-store tastings and special offers.

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