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Tea, like wine, varies significantly. Taste and aroma combine to make a great cup of tea.

Loose leaf tea, made with whole tea leaves, smells, looks, feels and tastes completely different from tea leaves that have been cut and processed into tea bags. We strongly believe that you can only get a great tasting cup of tea by using the whole leaf – not the cut down, highly processed, manhandled leaf that constitutes a high proportion of tea bags on the market today!

Too much handling squashes the juicy flavours from the leaf and the wonderful aromas are lost to evaporation – what a waste!

Therefore, our products use only the whole leaf, berry, spice and herb – ensuring that you get a great tasting brew, each and every time. Explore our range of high quality loose leaf teas.

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  • Whole leaf teas contain higher amounts of antioxidants than processed teas so you’re doing yourself more good!
  • Green tea leaves can be reused 3, 4 or even 5 times within a day breaking down the leaf to release more antioxidants but still providing a great flavour profile.
  • Used tea leaves make great soil! Sprinkle the leaves around the base of acid loving plants such as roses and tomatoes for top results.
  • Tea contains the big three nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium – so add used leaves to your compost. Unlike the vast majority of teabags that contain some degree of plastic, the leaves will breakdown beautifully and enrich your compost.

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